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Dear Jeff
After talking to eight contractors last year trying to understand how to correct our air flow siltation before we put in a new system, we were at are wits end and put it off until this year. When you came to our house to quote us a new system and how to correct the air in balance you made it sound so simple, I could not understand why the others did figure it out. The air flow we know get in the master bed room is unbelievable and did not lose any flow on the other side of the house. Jeff you were dead on for the fix and we are so grateful to you and the guys that installed the system. Jeff that crew you have is awesome and as you know doing the install is the most important thing no matter what the equipmment is. Jeff we will do our best to send you new customers you have· a great company and wish you much success in the future.
Brian & Vicky McGuffey, Port Orange

"Courteous, professional employees from start to finish."
Bill Watson, Ormond Beach

“We trust them with our Precious Artifacts, You can trust them with yours.”
Ellen Henry, Curator
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

“Been a customer for 20 years. I ’ll be a customer for 20 more.”
Bernice Perman, Daytona Beach (Our first customer)

“There when we need them. They do great work,very satisfied.”
Mary Daniels,Real Estate Agent, All Florida Realty
Holly Hill

“Professional, trustworthy, courteous.”
Stan & Gail Dembkoski, Valued Customer, Ponce Inlet

“They’ve installed & maintained the A/C equipment in hundreds of Belmont Homes for over 15 years. They strive for customer satisfaction.”
Carl Carder, Belmont Homes, Edgewater

BryantComfort & Excellence

Pre-construction estimating and planning

Pre-construction estimating and planning

Jeff's Mid Florida Heating and Air Conditioning is locally owned and operated to best serve you. We specialize in quick resonse service, indoor air quality solutions, and energy savings policy for efficiency. Call us for pre-construction estimating and planning, and free estimates for equipment replacement.

We Repair Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps in Port Orange and Daytona Beach

At Jeff's Mid Florida Heating and Air Conditioning, we repair air conditioners and heat pumps in Port Orange and Daytona Beach

We Install Heat Pumsp & Air Conditioners

Jeff's Mid Florida Heating and Air Conditioning will install your new heat pump or new air conditioner in Daytona Beach and Port Orange.

At Mid Florida, we take pride in our ability to assist you in your system planning, not only for efficiency, but also to keep your costs within your budget while still providing the quality of service required

Quick Response Service

Quick Response Service

Experience has taught us that air conditioning and heating problems often occur at the worst possible time. We, at Mid Florida, can be reached 24 hours per day 7 days a week, to assist you in overcoming those troublesome, and sometime uncomfortable problems.

Free Estimates for Equipment Replacement

Free Estimates for Equipment Replacement

Every piece of air conditioning equipment (especially in Florida) will eventually wear out or crumble to rust. We will happily assist you in finding the replacement alternative that fits your needs and budget.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Studies show that today’s building requirements mean homes are less drafty, are built tighter with very little clean air filtration. Pet dander, aerosol sprays , cleaning fumes, smoke, etc.. get trapped within the home leaving the air you breath in your home up to 5 times as polluted than the air outside the home. With allergies and breathing disorders on the rise, especially in children, isn’t it time you called and talked with one of our Indoor Air Quality Professionals about what we at Mid Florida can do to help clear the air and improve your families Quality of Life?

Energy Savings Policy

Energy Savings Policy Did you know that a dirty, poorly maintained air and heating unit can increase your cooling and heating costs as much as 60%. Here at Mid Florida Heating and Air Conditioning we offer an Energy Savings Policy which not only improves the efficiency of your unit, but also gives you peace of mind knowing your unit has been cared for by a factory trained technician with hours upon hours of the best available training from Bryant and more.

Not only will you, your home and your heating and cooling system get the attention they deserve, you will also receive many extra incentives such as 15% discount on all parts, no overtime charge for after hours, weekends, holidays until 10 p.m. Call and get set up on your very own Energy Saving Policy and let us show you how we can save you money, increase your comfort level and give you peace of mind.